Collected Work

Public Collection

Lib’s Ladder

Library Ladder
Black walnut ladder features slightly raised brass step inlays for sure footing, pull-up brass safety bar locks securely in place, brass wheels on rear struts and wall mount rack for simple storage.

51” x 30” x 20”
Black walnut with bleached finish, handmade felt and painted leather.

Private Collection

Adam’s Adage

Library ladder with a message. Carved into top step is :
“Curiosity is the first step to knowledge.
Humility is the first step to wisdom.
Watch your step".

56” h 32” w 26” d
Ebonized mahogany, curly maple, paint gold leaf, leather

Calla Lily Console

Foyer Table
Designed to hold and display fresh cut flowers from the client’s greenhouse.

41” x 60” x 19”
Laminated cherry wood, dyed curly maple, lacquer.


Complete Office Desk,
a special commission for an at home office combining all basic computing components, storage, a super comfortable chair, writing table and a built in-light with dimmer. The commission was to meet all the functional metrics in a beautiful, delightful and surprising way. Inspired by ancient Egyptian architecture and furniture. Temple top section features cubbyholes and two secret drawers. Electric motor lift allows computer components to disappear when not in use. Printer is mounted on a pull out shelf under the writing table. Carved full size chair is upholstered in distressed leather and features an integral lumbar support and elbow cushions to ease long sessions of sitting. Built in light with dimmer features a handmade stained glass shade that cast a soft warm glow. 76" high to top of light. Made from cherry wood, walnut, curly maple, leather, stained glass, copper leaf and paint.

41” h 60” w 19” d
Cherry wood, black walnut, curly maple, leather, stained glass, copper leaf, paint.

Counter Croz

Coffee Table
A three piece living room table that locks together and divides.

17” x 51” x 17”
Ebonized walnut, curly maple, brass inlay.

Two Bangs For Buck

Sculpture Cabinet
A wall mounted cabinet, secures and displays two 1940s, Buck Rogers pop guns. Stamped steel guns are held in the cabinet with concealed, rare earth magnets, as is the door closure. Bucks’ helmet is a hollow secret storage compartment. Wood dial in bottom section produces retro spaceship sounds when rotated.

36” x 18” x 6”
Black walnut, mahogany, ebony, paint.

Bird Temple

Outdoor Sculpture
Four pillared bird house and feeder.

42” x 42” x 18”
Mahogany, cedar, copper, bronze, gold leaf, paint.


Sculpture Chair
A maquette for a fantasy armchair. Cauliflower topknot rock side to side and interior bell rings.

22” x 14” x 11”
Paper mache, wood, metal, paint.

Doublebird Box

Functional sculpture with two compartments for jewelry or other items.

16” x 16” x 8”
Black walnut, curly maple , leather interiors.

Special Reserve

The weighted ash base maintains the humidor's upright position . Spanish cedar interior holds a handful of cigars.

22" x 5 " diameter
Wood, paper and paint.

Cardinal’s Clutch

Walking Stick

38” x 3.5” x 8”
Black walnut, paint.

Kattmose II

Sculpture Desk
A mechanical fantasy desk that transforms from a small table into a writing desk with secret storage compartments. When Katt’s tail is cranked ,the cubbyhole face rises into place. Lid sections behind Katts’ ears hold full size stationary. Cubbyholes are sized for business envelopes. Katt’s eyes are two drawers which pop open when the nose is pushed. Katt’s tongue unfolds to form a writing surface.

46” x 30” x 30”
Maple, curly maple, steel, brass, paint.


Sculpture Chair
A fantasy chair ergonomically designed for long sessions sitting at a desk.

42” x 28” x 24”
Cherry wood, walnut and maple, veneer, leather upholstery, paint.

Borneo Bobb

Walking Stick
Fantasy walking stick and display stand. Inspired by the proboscus monkeys of Borneo. Leather hair conceals a mechanism that activates Bobbs distinctive nose.

39” h 15” w 4” d
Black walnut, leather.

Jessee’s Tower

Sculpture Chest
Barrel shaped section behind tower conceals a container holding the ashes of beloved dog, Jessee. Shallow drawers in front and space under tower roof holds Jessee’s owner’s cherished items.

15” x 12” x 6”
Cherry wood, black walnut, cedar, veneer accents, paint.

Kitten’s Key

Functional box with a lift out tray.

15” x 11” x 10”
Ebonized cherry wood, Spanish cedar, cast bronze inlays, paint.

Nancy’s Desk

Designed to fit perfectly into a bay window, the desk features two large drawers fitted for hanging files, a pull out printer tray, writing and supply drawers.

30” x 88” x 30”
Solid Peruvian mahogany, brass fittings.

Owl’s And Pussycat’s Post Office

A special commission for a fantasy and functional desk . Design features a variety of enclosed storage spaces , some hidden .

42” x 44” x 22”
cherry wood , black walnut , quilted maple , leather , paint

Pharoah’s Fido

Plant Stand and Walking Stick
Dog-headed walking stick integrated into a functional plant stand.

51” x 17” x 11”
Ebonized walnut and cypress, silver leaf, bone and silver inlay, paint.

Ramesses’ Retreet

Library Ladder
Library ladder and chair exploring the Exodus through visual narrative.

62” x 24” x 20”
Ebonized walnut, leather, brass.

Sawhorse Seat

A functional chair - Giddy up there !

52” x 28” x 24”
Black walnut with bleached finish, pinto dyed leather, horse hair, copper leaf and paint.


Dulcimer and Sheet Music Stand
Designed to hold a traditional hammer dulcimer and sheet music.

43” x 18”-32” adjustable
Cherry wood

Chestnut Console

A special commission hall table made from the clients own reclaimed wormy chestnut lumber taken from a dismantled 1840's tobacco barn on their property in Virginia. Inspired by the spare look of antique French market tables, this piece features a one plank top of exceptional character.

35"h x 62"L x 15"d
Chestnut wood

Grande Esplendido

A sculpture/humidor, holds a handful of large cigars. Weighted ash base keeps Grande upright and stable. Could be made in other cigar shapes, sizes and favorite bands by special order. Includes humidification system.

32" h x 6" diameter
Wood, paper, paint and lined with Spanish cedar